Need help understanding some common acronyms? The guide below shares a few that are used commonly in our work.

A/E Architecture and Engineering

BCP Blight Clearance Program

BEP Blight Elimination Program

CDBG Community Development Block Grant

CEDF Community Economic Development Fund

CEO Chief Elected Official

CEP Community Energy Plan

CFF Community Focus Fund

CHDO Community Housing Development Organization

COC Certificate of Completion

DLGF Department of Local Government Finance

DNR Department of Natural Resources

DOL Department of Labor

DR Disaster Relief or Recovery

EDA Economic Development Administration

EDL Economic Development Loan

EEBG Energy Efficiency Block Grant

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

FEEPS Financing/Environmental Review/Engineering /Permits/Site Control

FONSI Finding of No Significant Impact

HDF Housing Development Grant Fund

HUD US Department of Housing & Urban Development

IC Indiana Code

IDEM Indiana Department of Environmental Management

IDG Industrial Development Grant

IDGF Industrial Development Grant Fund

IFB Invitation for Bid

IHCDA Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority

IHFA Indianan Housing Finance Authority

IIP Industrial Improvement Grant Program

IMS Indiana Main Street

INDOT Indiana Department of Transportation

IOCRA Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs

LAP Language Access Plan

LEP Limited English Proficiency

LMI Low to Moderate Income

LOI Letter of Interest

LUG Local Unit of Government

MAP Micro Enterprise Assistance Program

MBE Minority Owned Enterprise

MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization

MSRP Main Street Revitalization Program

NOI Notice of Intent

OED Office of Energy Development

PI Program Income

PFP Public Pacilities Program

QBS Quality Based Selection

RBEG Rural Business Enterprise Grant Program

RCG Rural Capacity Grant

RDA Rural Development Administration

RFP Request for Proposal

RFQ Request for Quote

RROF Request for Release of Funds

SHPO State Historic Preservation Office

SIP Stormwater Improvement Program

UDAG Urban Development Action Grant

ULG Unit of Local Government

URA Uniform Relocation & Acquisition Policies Act of 1970

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

WBE Woman Owned Enterprise

WDW Wastewater and Drinking Water Program