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Administrative Resources association (ARa)

ARa is a governmental association of cities created in 1973 with Lilly Endowment funds.  The original intent was for ARa to be a shared community and economic development department for its member cities/towns since they could not afford one on their own. ARa was formed using Indiana’s Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, designed to permit joint governmental ownership of facilities (a city-county jail, for example).  The idea was to create a shared and shared-cost community development technical assistance staff.  ARa has a staff of six and is currently owned by 10 Indiana Cities.  

JOB Opportunities:

Manager – Municipal Programs: Working under the supervision of the Executive Director, overseeing community and economic development projects for member communities.


  • $45,000-$60,000 Annually


Grant Development and Project Development:

  • Development of municipal projects through the application to various funding sources
  • Work with the grants management team after the grant is funded
  • Community and development technical assistance for municipal projects which have no grant funds associated with it
  • Research funding sources for variety of projects

Community Relations:

  • Continually update mayors on current project(s) status
  • Provide mayors updates about any policy changes from currently used funding sources for which applications or future application may be submitted
  • To inform mayors of any new information that may impact their city (legislative, changes)
  • Public and community relations
  • Meet and communicate with mayors on a monthly
  • General liaison between ARa and the ARa Member Communities 

Managing Business Loan Programs:

  • Assist in management of grant/loan programs (housing, United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Business Development Grant, MicroLoan, etc) loan programs
    • Application intake
    • Review applications (business plan/assist with business planning)
    • Review and forward recommendation to community review committees
    • Package/close loans, record UCC’s, promissory notes 
    • Work with Executive Director on monitoring of payment collection
    • Assist community with loan restructuring when required

Notes:  Approximately 50% of time should be in the office spent on the phone with Mayors, city personnel, engineers, etc. grant research, application writing.  The remaining portion of time should be spent in the cities.


  1. College Degree or higher.
  2. A minimum of three years of on-the-job experience.
  3. Analytic ability to diagnose problems and ability to work independently to correct the difficulties.
  4. Grant writing and development experience.
  5. Valid driver’s license required for off-site assignments.


Executive – Exempt


  1. Ability to drive a automobile
  2. Ability to use a computer


  • Eligible to participate in the ARa paid life, health and disability insurance programs, the ARa SEP IRA Plan, and the ARa Deferred Compensation program, all according to the terms of these programs. Employee participation is only 2%.    
  • Furnished an agency-owned automobile for use in the conduct of ARa business.  If you maintain residency in the Columbus area, the vehicle may become a take-home vehicle, as a fringe benefit.
  • Employment will be subject to the provisions of the ARa Personnel Policies and Procedures and Travel and Expense Rules, copies of which are  available by contacting the office manager or Executive Director.  Please carefully review this information.