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Mayor: John Irrgang

County: Ripley and Franklin

Key Employers: Hillenbrand Industries, Batesville Tool and Die


ARa Member since 1973

Mayor: Sam Craig

County: Lawrence

Community Size: 13,413

Key Employers: GM Power Train, IU Health


ARa member since 1973

Mayor: Mary Ferdon

County: Bartholomew

Community Size: 44,061

Key Employers: Cummins Engine Company


ARa member since 1973

Mayor: Joshua Marsh

County: Decatur

Community Size: 11,492

Key Employers: Honda


ARa member since 1973

Mayor: Kenny Costin

County: Morgan

Community Size: 11,828

Key Employers: IU Health, Nice-Pak Products Inc., TOA USA LLC


ARa member since 2017

Mayor: Don Caudell

County: Lawrence

Community Size: 3,900


ARa member since 2024

Mayor: Shawn Gerkin

County: Jennings

Community Size: 6,728

Key Employers: Muscatatuck Center for Complex Operations, Lowes Distribution Center


ARa member since 1973

Mayor: Mike Pavey

County: Rush

Community Size: 6,341

Key Employers: Copeland Industries, Fujitsu Ten Corporation: Intat Precision, Inc., Harcourt Industries, The Trane Company


ARa member since 1989

Mayor: Matthew Nicholson

County: Jackson

Community Size: 17,503

Key Employers: Aisin USA, Wal-Mart Distribution Center, Valeo Sylvania


ARa member since 1973

Associate Members

The Board of Directors approved guidelines, procedures, and fees for new “members” on September 13, 2001, which allow for two new associates to be accepted per year. Associate members do not serve as board members of the organization, nor have any ownership equity in the organization, but do receive the same grant services as members.

Currently ARa has six associate members:

  • Elizabethtown
  • Town of Nashville
  • Brown County
  • Henry County