Housing Services

Housing Services

ARa provides a full range of technical assistance and advisory services which, when implemented, assure the correct, complete and timely administration federal and state grant program in compliance with federal and state laws, rules and regulations. The services provided include, but are not limited to, the following:

Staff of ARa functions as the Rehabilitation Program Manager. Management services that can be directly related to development of the project and consist of the following (non inclusive) list:

  • Verify client income and rent
  • Review and prepare procurement language, standards and forms for professional and construction services
  • Review plans, specifications, work write-ups for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations
  • Review inspection compliance reporting
  • Ensure all building permits; appraisals, etc. have been obtained by the proper entity
  • Ensure project compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations
  • Provide the contractor and architect with information and documents to enable them to fully comply with federal and state regulations and equal opportunity requirements
  • Provide the grantee and the project architect all federal and state required forms, notices and certifications
  • Advise grantee regarding the required appointment of a Civil Rights Officer, and assist the appointed officer in coordinating his or her duties with the appropriate funder
  • Monitor post-closing of grant program for compliance as required

Additional Housing Services

  • Environmental Review:  ARa prepares an environmental assessment for the grant program, including preparation of public notices and preparation and submission of the Request for Release of Funds and Section 106 review.
  • Lead-Based Paint Assessment Services: ARa provides lead-based paint assessment services (paint chip samples, dust wipe samples, risk assessments and clearance reports) as required in accordance with 40 CFR 745.227 (d) or as appropriate for each individual project.
  • Financial Management:  ARa assists in establishing financial management systems and project files pursuant to the applicable Grantee Implementation Manual.
  • Program Progress Reporting and Monitoring:  ARa prepares financial and progress reports as required, and assists with compliance monitoring activities to resolve concerns or questions relating to the progress or management of the program. ARa will prepare related documents in consultation with the program administrator.(ARa will maintain a shadow records system in the event that some or all of the organization’s records are misplaced or destroyed).
  • Program Amendments:  ARa assists in preparation of program amendments that may become necessary as a result of unforeseen circumstances, and assists in the proper filing and processing of such amendments.
  • Project Close-Out:  ARa prepares the required close-out documents in consultation with the program administrator.