Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Vision Statement: Administrative Resources association believes the communities it serves should be places where all persons have the opportunity to live and work in an environment that provides economic and social opportunity.

Mission Statement:  Administrative Resources association improves the quality of life of its member communities by its proactive approach to the development and implementation of community and economic development projects.

Goals, Objectives and Outcome (based on SMART Goals: S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Attainable, R – Realistic, T – Time based):

  1. Goal: To scan and locate grant opportunities for members:

Objective: Identify grant sources and notify members of 20 grant opportunities a year.

Outcome: ARa to be one of the primary resources for grant information and funding opportunities.

  1. Goal: To develop grant proposals and applications for members:

Objective: Write or assist in the development of at least 30 grant projects per year of which at least five should be Main Street Revitalization Program (MRSP) grant applications while maintaining a 50% success rate.

Outcome: ARa members will see projects and the quality of life improve due to the investment of grant funds into the communities.

  1. Goal: Be visible and active in the member communities:

Objective: Have an ARa representative in each community every other week for project development meetings, presentations and updates to council and attendance at applicable local board meetings.

Outcome: ARa staff will be seen as extended staff to member communities and is aware of each community’s needs.

  1. Goal: Assist member communities in planning for their futures:

Objective: Write four grants for planning activities and facilitate and/or write one capital improvement or 5-year park master plan each year.

Outcome: ARa member communities will have defined paths and plans for future growth and development.

  1. Goal: Diversification of ARa services and revenues particularly our reliance on Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) administrative fees:

Objective: Expand services in areas of housing and economic development so CFF/CDBG grant administration fees are less than 50% annual revenues for the year.

Outcome: ARa will be in a position to weather the changes in federal grant programs and able to grow financially and administratively.

  1. Goal: Grow our knowledge of community, economic and housing development programs with specific focus on federal and state grant programs and grant administration processes:

Objective: Staff members to attend 2 trainings during the year will be a certified CDBG grant administrator.

Outcome:  ARa staff will be viewed as experts in the area of community, economic and housing development and as one of the most knowledgeable grant development and administration organization in Indiana.

  1. Goal: Create economic opportunities for businesses in ARa member communities:

Objective: Secure grant funds and manage grant and loan programs that help create or retain over 50 jobs each year.

Outcome: ARa members will see a decrease in unemployment and an increase in private development/investment creating a stronger business environment.

  1. Goal: Develop and implement housing programs that improve the housing stock of member communities:

Objective: Obtain grant funding and/or manage programs that rehab or develop over 50 homes or units a year and invest over $500,000 in improvements to the housing stock of member communities.

Outcome: ARa member communities will increase quantity and quality of housing.