Planning Assistance

Planning Assistance

ARa seeks funding and develops community plans, such as development of capital improvement plans, comprehensive strategic plans, and five-year park master plans.  ARa provides these planning services exclusively to its members. A review of infrastructure, facilities and programs, current and projected demographic information, community and user input, identification of growth/trends are included as well as the following:

Initial Assessment:

  • Review and analyze existing data, studies, reports, and maps (particularly current master plan and current project/timelines).
  • Identify and prioritize existing issues
  • Gather and analyze additional demographic information as it relates to specific plan
  • Develop and distribute public survey questionnaire

Public Participation:

  • Meet with neighborhood associations, elected officials, civic groups, and community leaders to gather input on issues and needs
  • Collect survey results
  • Conduct three public meetings held at different location within the community
  • Record  survey results and public meeting input

Compile and write plan:

  • Submit draft plan to appropriate body for review
  • Receive review comments, make necessary changes and present for adoption, by resolution, if applicable
  • Submit an unbound adopted copy and distribute the plan to interested persons, groups, city officials, libraries, and the news media as necessary per specific plan